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30-day package to the ultimate course!

10 x 1 hour guitar lessons.

10 additional 15 minute lessons.

Supplementary pre-recorded video lessons for all licks.

Additional pre recorded video lessons for all beginner techniques covered.

My 266 chord book included for free (worth £19.97)

Detailed Chord diagrams and tabs.

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Find out how Hundreds Of Guitar Players Around The World Are FINALLY playing their favorite Guitar Solos, breaking Free From their Guitar Playing Ruts And Developing their FULL Music Potential with Minimum Practice Time!

What is the #1 mistake when trying to develop your guitar playing beyond the Total Beginner Level (and how you can turn this mistake to your advantage Right Away!)

Why the “Play Guitar All Day” mentality will eventually burn you out, without giving you the results you hoped for! YES, there’s a better path!

How to create an optimum practice plan that is based on your personal goals and is also FUN to implement!

The “secret” music learning technique of the “Top Music Universities” that can help you generate massive progress in your playing, in the minimum amount of time!

Ioannis Anastassakis has personally trained more than 5000 guitar players and helped them achieve their guitar and music goals in the minimum amount of time, by using a combination of behavioral science, teaching psychology, advanced coaching techniques, and cutting-edge technology.

When you join Elite Guitar Coaching Academy, you are guided by a GIT graduate, instructor and professional Guitar Coach Ioannis Anastassakis, who provides you with timely feedback, answers all your guitar-related questions, and provides you with customized, easy-to-follow training materials, based on your needs and current playing level, helping you transform your playing immediately!

This exclusive membership gives you direct access to Ioannis’ Elite Guitar Coaching method that has worked for thousands of students. This method, refined for over two decades, will give you jaw-dropping results FAST.

How Do I Break Through My Guitar-Playing Plateaus?

A few of the burning questions we guitarists face all the time are “what should I study next?” or “When will I be able to play that lick”, or even “How do I make my solos more melodic?”.

Looking for an answer within this sea of online information can be overwhelming and takes ALL the fun out of practicing!

Learning on your own can be a frustrating experience, especially if you’ve never had personalized help, pinpointing the mistakes you make in your practice and overall guitar playing.

Can you relate to any of these common guitar-playing experiences:

  • Spending hours on random exercises that don’t seem to add anything to your guitar playing.

  • Spending your hard-earned money on courses that don’t address your needs or playing level.

  • Getting answers to your questions that are vague or just plain don’t work.

This is definitely not the case when you are a member of Elite Guitar Coaching Academy.

As an Elite Guitar Coaching Academy student, you will be getting accurate feedback on the exercises you submit, pinpointing exactly what you are doing right and wrong (and clear insights on how to fix your mistakes). And you always know what to focus on and what you are getting out of the material. But more on that later…

A few words by the founder of Elite Guitar Coaching Academy, Ioannis Anastassakis

Hello and welcome to Elite Guitar Coaching Academy!

I am Ioannis Anastassakis, professional Guitar Coach for more than 25 years.

I am extremely passionate about guitar, and I devoted my life to studying it, teaching it and helping people like you achieve your guitar goals. Not only have I coached successfully thousands of students around the world for over two decades, but I have had many successes as a guitarist myself. However, it wasn’t always like that.

When I was taking my first guitar steps, I was very frustrated with my guitar playing progress.

I couldn’t find any guitar teacher with an organized and effective teaching framework. Every teacher I talked to was chaotic and messy. They were all over the place, and that made me wonder if I was just wasting my time.

I was seeking guidance, where there was none to be found.

There came a moment when I stopped searching for good teachers. That moment was when I decided to become the one I was searching for and couldn’t find anywhere. I decided to dedicate my life to becoming the BEST guitar coach I could!

Guitar coaching has been my passion ever since.

For that reason, I decided to study at the top music universities, with my goal of becoming a guitar coach constantly in my mind.

Fast forward and...​

…I’ve been doing this for almost 25 years now and I’ve helped thousands of guitar players develop their own voice on the instrument and become the best version of themselves.

I have become the person I NEEDED the most when I started.

My passion is helping my students develop their electric guitar skills properly and effectively.

I help them build strong foundations in their playing, get the results they want, and accomplish their own personal guitar goals, all in the shortest timeframe possible!


Introducing Elite Guitar Coaching Academy

Join Elite Guitar Coaching Academy and Get Coached with Tried, Tested & PROVEN Methods:

  • Daily Audio/Video feedback on YOUR guitar playing!

  • All your questions are answered by 3 experienced, professional guitar coaches!

  • Custom coaching materials, made just for you, personalized to your level, your music goals and your lifestyle!

  • Unlimited access to an extensive library of PREMIUM instructional videos that demonstrate the optimized way to execute and practice ALL the Electric Guitar techniques.

  • Weekly LIVE Guitar Seminars!

  • EXCLUSIVE Facebook group with Thousands of guitar learning posts and discussions!

  • ...and much more!

Most people think that…

  • More practice hours

  • More/less theory studying

  • More YouTube guitar videos

  • Expensive equipment

…are the most important things when it comes to becoming a better electric guitar player.

While some of these are important in their own way, they are what everyone does by default.

Do you see everyone becoming a successful electric guitar player?

Probably not…

So what is the secret every successful guitar player will admit has contributed to his success?

What’s the reason Plato and Aristotle became the greatest philosophers of all time?

They had the best teachers.

Socrates, the grandfather of philosophy, was Plato’s teacher, and Plato was Aristotle’s teacher. Do you see the pattern here?

If you haven’t guessed the secret to success yet, it’s having a mentor.

Specifically, COACHING!


Coaching has been defined in many ways.

The essence of coaching is:

  • To help a person change how they think and help them go in the direction they want to go.
  • Coaching supports a person at every level in becoming who they want to be.
  • Coaching builds awareness, empowers choice, and leads to change.

It unlocks a person’s potential to maximize their performance.

Coaching helps them to learn rather than teaching them.

“Coaches are your external eyes and ears, providing a more accurate picture of your reality. They recognize the fundamentals, break your actions down, then help you build them back up again.”

- Atul Gawande, Surgeon and Best-selling Author

I'll add to that...

Coaching is the reason behind every great guitarist’s success. Every guitar player, aspiring to be the next Steve Vai, must understand that having a coach will help them reach their full potential and become the guitarist they’ve always dreamt of.

Who's This Program For?

BUSY PEOPLE WITH DEMANDING JOBS We created this program for you!

We have mad respect for anyone who spends hours on a daily, demanding job and still hasn’t lost his passion for the electric guitar! This method is built for busy people who want to become better at playing guitar, but just don’t have the time, skillset, or knowledge on how to do it. Elite Guitar Coaching is a clear and detailed map, filled with all the right steps to follow to become the guitar player you’ve always wanted!


I know how it feels to look up to great guitarists at the beginning of your journey. Becoming a professional electric guitar player takes guts, passion, hard work, and a coach. Every successful person has had a mentor at some point in his life. They never wanted to stop improving. Elite Guitar Coaching Academy will be your guide towards you becoming the next Steve Vai.

STRESSED GUITAR TEACHERS I’ve helped quite a few, let me help you!

If you make a living teaching guitar, then you know how important having a mentor is. Let my coaching method serve as your secret weapon to improve your teaching by reinforcing your own knowledge and deciphering any mistakes you make with your teaching . On top of that, you’ll learn how to be more productive and stress-free!

Pictures with my students over the years

What students say about Elite Guitar Coaching Academy


EGC Academy Student

“Ioannis has created a multi-lateral and exceptionally well-structured educational material, including all modern sophisticated techniques and expression techniques, fingerboard language, up to music technology, and ear training. Ioannis possesses in-depth knowledge of music and improvisation theory, as well as the ability to analyze the most outstanding guitarists’ styles and techniques.

He has an amazing collection of studying material, which is provided to the student in both electronic and hard copies. Ioannis is very capable of maintaining the student’s motivation high as a kite, as well as very able to identify and pinpoint the success mechanisms of the music industry on the whole. What is more, his guidance is unique for optimal preparation for music university entrance exams (RGT, GIT, etc.).

Ioannis is extremely helpful to the goal-setting and the design of the most effective practice routine for each student depending on his/her personal style. A vast range of custom-made exercises especially designed and targeted for each student’s needs.”


EGC Academy Student

“Our first meeting with Ioannis was an absolutely thrilling experience. I had been playing the classical guitar for about 18 years and electric guitar just as a hobby.

Ioannis was the one who helped me expand my knowledge and evolve my electrical guitar technique. His coaching helped me achieve my goal – to become a professional, raise the standard of my guitar playing, deepen my knowledge of modern music, and fill all the gaps I had in my musical knowledge.

He’s an amazing teacher, with great communicability and a true master of his instrument but what truly makes him stand out from anybody else is that he really cares about his students and always insists on bringing out the best of their ability.”


EGC Academy Student

“Everyone calls Ioannis a great guitar coach, a guitar virtuoso, and more… But I think of him as a guru of the guitar. I’ve been studying with Ioannis for two years and I literally cannot believe the knowledge that I have obtained and how far I’ve come in this period of time. The most important thing that I have learned with Ioannis as my coach is to keep my goals clear and how to effectively reach them most easily!! I feel so grateful for this. Of course, his great playing full of passion, emotion, and impeccable technique was the first reason which made me want to start lessons with him.”


EGC Academy Student

“Ι started having lessons with Ioannis 3 years ago as I was looking for a professional coach to help me master contemporary electric guitar. Ioannis’ guitar coaching is accurately tailor-made to my own musical needs and desires and he continues to inspire me to get better day by day. I am really proud to be his student and am very grateful for the amazing opportunity to learn by a true virtuoso and the one and only ‘Coach of the Guitar Champions!’”

Student Success!

But don't just take my word for it, check out the playing of JUST A FEW of the people who relied on us:

You can also get in touch and ask any question you have.

We offer 100% money back guarantee

After your enrollment and our initial communication, if you feel like this is not for you, we will offer you 100% full refund.




Tasos Asonitis

EGC Academy Student

“Ioannis is an exceptional coach and a true virtuoso of the guitar. During the 4 years I have been studying with him, he has always been able to show me the most efficient ways to break down and master every aspect of the electric guitar. It is from him that I have learned one of the most important lessons, that a musician keeps evolving throughout his entire life. A truly great contemporary guitarist, with amazing improvisational skills – he is definitely one of my biggest influences.”


Panos F.

EGC Academy Student

"Ioannis is a unique music coach and a true virtuoso of the guitar. I have been fortunate to study with him for more than 2 years, during which he has shown me the most efficient ways to improve my playing and master every aspect of the guitar. He is the biggest influence in my playing and he helped me to consistently reach my goals. I learned a very important lesson from him – that if you really try, you can fulfill your dreams, whatever they may be. Ioannis is also a superb composer, improviser, and musician, an excellent guitarist with an amazing assortment of skills."

















Everything included in


the following:









Why do I need coaching? Can't I learn by myself? There is so much free info on the internet!

This is like saying, “I am feeling sick, but why do I need to go to a doctor – there are so many different medicines to try out at the drug store!” Also, remember that the quantity of information does not equal quality. When getting better at something is IMPORTANT to you, the most efficient way to achieve that is to get someone who is TRAINED to help you in getting the results you want! This is true for learning just about everything, from foreign languages to salsa dancing, from tennis to mastering the electric guitar.

How often do I get new lessons?

As Often as you want! Once you have completed the previous materials, you will receive you New coaching materials within 24 hours. Each new set of materials, which will be customized to YOUR level and your own playing (I cannot stress this enough, as you can see)!

But I am not a beginner! My guitar playing is pretty decent! Why do I need a coach to help me develop?

If you follow any kind of sport, you will have noticed that ADVANCED players/teams need good coaches. So the question is NOT if you are “good.” The REAL question you should be asking your self is “Do you want to get BETTER?” If not, you probably should not be reading this. But, if you DO want to get better, keep on reading!

Can I stop if I feel this is not working for me?

Of course – you can stop at the end of any month, before the beginning of the next one.

Are these Skype lessons?

EGC is NOT Skype lessons! The Basis of the Elite Guitar Coaching system is Asynchronous Daily Coaching – not watered-down private lessons! Elite Guitar Coaching is the natural evolution of both regular private lessons and skype lessons. It keeps the advantages of both, without most of the disadvantages and the limitations.

Can I contact you if I have any questions?

Yes, of course – I will answer to you personally as soon as I can, definitely within 24 hours.

So these are PERSONALIZED lessons directly from you? This sounds expensive!

Elite Guitar Coaching is much less expensive than private lessons – to have "traditional" private lessons with me in my teaching studio cost 400%-600 more than EGC classes.

I am VERY excited having lessons from you! Can I have double lessons?

There is no reason to have extra lessons, unless maybe you are preparing for a university entrance exam. In every other case, you will be given enough materials to keep you happily busy, no matter how much you practice. I suggest you save your extra cash for equipment upgrades and other music-related purchases.

Do I need access to Super-High-Speed Internet?

No, regular internet access is perfectly fine – as long as your connection is good enough to receive email and watch the occasional YouTube video, you are fine.

How soon can I expect results?

If you FOLLOW the process I will outline for you and practice the things I will prescribe, progress will come very quickly – usually in a matter of weeks. It does depend on the time and focus you put into it, but it will be very soon.

Do I need any special equipment or computer skills?

Not really. For optimum results, I suggest you have access to a laptop web camera or a cell phone that has a video camera. A few people make do with just audio recordings, but I suggest you need access to either a laptop camera or a cell phone for optimum results.

I have a couple of more questions not answered in this FAQ!

Email me at and I will do my best to answer your questions directly (and possibly add them to this FAQ).

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